First Visitors of 2013

Game Night Girls

Game Night Girls!

When I lived down near Houston, once a month, this small group of girls would meet to play a board game and have dinner.

So, when I moved, I assumed my time with Game Night was over for good. I figured I would be replaced.

Fortunately, the girls didn’t let that happen.

They packed their bags and made the 4 hour trek to bring Game Night to me! (Three of our group of 8 couldn’t make the trip, sadly.)

The first place we visited was Homestead Heritage.

I’ve written, before, about Homestead Heritage at Brazos de Dios, near Waco, Texas. The people of this community excel in the making of handmade arts and crafts, as well as teaching folks how to live a sustainable lifestyle. (I actually took a gardening class back in August of 2012–I’ll try to write about it soon.)

After lunch at the cafe, we explored the various barns…


They have a pottery barn, a textiles barn, a woodworking shop/barn, a blacksmithing barn, a gristmill, where they grind their own flours, etc., an herb garden, and a few other areas open to the public.

We could not have asked for better weather! It was cool and sunny; perfect for an afternoon adventure.

We finally headed back to my house for a little R & R.


There, the girls unpacked and we ventured down to the river for a little bit. I tried to talk them into taking the canoes out, but there were no takers…this time.

That night, we just enjoyed hanging out and catching up. It was exactly what a relaxing, enjoyable Girls’ Night Out should be, in my opinion.

Good food, a little wine, and plenty of gab-time.

By the way, we made a feeble attempt at a game. I think we found, though, just hanging out and talking/laughing was what we all needed more than anything.

Finally, on Sunday, I surprised them with a little target practice!

There, ThrillCam set up a couple of targets and proceeded to give us a very good lesson on gun safety.


It was Barbie’s very first time to shoot a gun. (We shot .22s, which are good guns on which to learn.) She did great for her first time! I was impressed.


Debbie had shot a gun before, and it showed.


Lisa M., was pretty much a natural.


She tried to say she won by holding up my son’s target!


Nice try, Lisa.


Not that anyone was keeping track, but I do believe I won.

Of course, I’d never brag about it like her.


All four girls, I think, had a great time.

Honestly, though, there’s no way they had more fun than me.

Thank you, Lisa x2, Debbie, and Barbie for coming to see me; it meant the world to me!

Can’t wait for the next time I host Game Night!



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