It’s Spring! And, we all know what that means…


If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you’ve learned quickly that I have a black thumb. I cannot grow much of anything.

But, I try.

Oh, how I try.

Take tomatoes, example.

I love tomatoes.

Tomatoes are the easiest thing in the world to grow, besides toe fungus and monkey grass. (Don’t ask me how I know these things.)

For some reason, though, I cannot grow tomatoes.

I’ve tried. (Do a search for tomatoes and read all the blog posts I’ve written on the little red fruit…it is a long and sordid affair.)

I’ve tried growing them in hanging contraptions.

I’ve tried growing them in pots.

Then, last year, I tried growing them in a raised bed.

CSHS VFB v. PDawson 2011-24

I was only marginally successful.

This year, though…this year will be different.

I just know it.

I feel it in my bones.

Stay tuned…



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