I’m very excited! I’ve started my garden!!

I actually got a few plants and seeds into the dirt!

The seeds have yet to do anything above ground.

IMG_9496 Plantedcopy

I’m anxiously awaiting their little baby sprouts.

But, I did plant a few transplants, like tomatoes, bell peppers, squash and zucchini. And, I’ve been watching them closely, to see if they like my dirt/compost mix.

IMG_9493 Plantedcopy

Yep. That’s a tomato plant.

Yep. It has yellowed leaves.

Look at the one in the background; it ALREADY looks dead!! I may have already over-watered them on the very first day they were placed in the ground!!

(Actually, I didn’t over-water the first day. Yes, I watered them, but two days later it rained…a lot.)


Honestly, I think any plant I purchase should each come with a little plant creed attached to them, a declaration, a battle cry:

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night nor the cursed touch of Elizabeth stays these branches and leaves from swift completion of their appointed fruit & vegetable production.” 

Why? (please read the following with feeling…angst…emotion; maybe even beat your chest and rip your sackcloth)


Why, I ask you?

(louder, please)

Why, I ask you, was I born with such a strong desire to plant and grow things, and yet, lacking in the much-needed abilities to do so??  

Well, I’m just crossing my fingers that all the seeds and little transplants will be strong and persevere.

May they rise above my gardening ineptitude and shortcomings.

Wish the little fledglings luck.

They need it.



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