Swallow versus Sparrow: The Throwdown

In this corner, we have the small and sprite, but ever so persistent, the lowly and common Houssssse Sparrrrrrow!!


ANNDDDDD, over in this corner, we have the current, reigning, and defending Champions…

IMG_9532 PMObsessioncopy

…Fighting, out of South America, the Purrrppplllleee Marrrtttiinnnsssss!

IMG_9591 copy

Here’s the deal. If a mooch, like a House Sparrow or a Starling moves into your Martin house before a Purple Martin does, often, the Martin will seek other housing.

So, needless to say, we have been keeping guard over the Martin house, lo, these last couple of months, striving to prevent a squatter from moving in and taking over.

It hasn’t been easy, let me tell you.

ThrillCam has to take down and clean out the nests of a Sparrows, which have yet to deter them in the least.

She/He/It returns, over and over.

Every time the Martins fly off in search of bugs or nesting materials, Sparrows would fly in and begin building a nest.

Home Wrecker.

Look at that Sparrow’s boldness! She’s walking right in, like she owns the place, while the owner is in the backyard!


Stinkin’ Squatter Sparrow.

Oh, but don’t you worry about those Purple Martins! They know the gig. They see what that silly Sparrow is up to.






That’ll teach you, Sparrow!

Go Purple Martins! Go!



We’ve noticed a new, third Martin that looks like another female. It might be a young, immature male, but we are thinking it’s actually a female.

Okay. We don’t know what it is.

BUT, it’s exciting to see 3 Martins now! We hope more will come to roost.

We are still having trouble keeping the Sparrows out of the Martin house. In fact, I walked outside, yesterday, to see a female Martin and a Sparrow participating in what I would call a bird’s version of WWE!  It was Wrestlemania at its best!  I really do believe the Martin was injured, slightly, but she was NOT going to let that Sparrow stay in her house!
Of course, ThrillCam and I are doing what we can to help the Martins. But, goodness gracious! Those Sparrows are persistent little buggers!!
I’ll keep you posted as the sage unfolds.



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