My youngest son’s 14th birthday fell on Easter weekend this year, which made it difficult for us to have any type of celebration at the time.

We ended up postponing the party until this past weekend.


I really believe, though, it was worth the wait!

Seven of our son’s buddies joined him for a sleep-over and par-tay!

This year, we by-passed the usual go-cart or rock climbing party and got a little more creative.

We went on a Photo Scavenger Hunt!

We split the boys into two teams and drove them to the specified locations on their list to complete their tasks. (each team started at a different place on the list) Then, as the task is being done, or completed, a photo or video must be taken for proof. (Pretty much, all photos were taken with a phone-camera.)

I haven’t had this much fun in a long time!

Below is the scavenger list  (tasks listed in no particular order) and some of the photos….


*You have 10 minutes to choose a song and choreograph a routine for a flash mob in Target. (Team)

While at Target, you must purchase the following items: Fun Dip (or Warheads), one package of adult-sized underwear (like Depends), a small roll of foil, and sidewalk chalk. Once purchased, each team member must eat enough candy to turn their mouths a different color (team tongue photo for proof) AND each team member must wear a pair of underwear (over their clothes) to the next PUBLIC assignment.

IMG_1039 copy

*Climb on and pretend to herd the cows at Suspension Bridge (Team)


*One team member must chug a Dr. Pepper in front of DP Museum

*Team must lead Baylor University students in a “Ahhhhh, Sic ‘em Bears!” in front of Bear Pit

*One member must get 10 signatures on their chest from strangers.

(this was probably my favorite task)


(We used non-permanent markers!)

IMG_1037 copy

*Entire team must wear foil hats.


*One member mummified with TP.


*One member lying on sidewalk with chalk outline and a quote bubble.

*Team jumping in air.

*Team wearing clothes inside-out.

*Team pyramid.

*Team holding one team member off ground.

*One member “antiqued” with flour in face (must be done OUTSIDE).

*Team as a band in studio.

*Team in canoe, on dry land.

(“I’m King of the world!!!”)


In the end, the judge (our oldest son who was home from college for the weekend) called it a tie.’

What a fun, silly distraction after a very heavy-hearted week!

Still praying for the injured and hurting in Boston and our neighbors in West,




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