Coffee and Breakfast Goodness!


May I just say, it’s quite hard to type while licking icing off your fingers?

You see, on this cold and blustery morning (it’s late April–what’s up with that!?!), I invited some neighbors over for coffee and some scrumptious goodies to gab by.

About 6 months ago, we moved to a completely new area of Texas, one that we were familiar with, but one where we didn’t really know anyone. So, we’ve had to very intentional about meeting and making friends. With that in mind, I have occasionally invited over some of the neighborhood girls for coffee.  I absolutely love the time we spend together–we laugh a lot, which is good for the soul. And, we, of course, eat a lot.

Well, not all of us. Just me. I eat a lot.

Anyway, I thought I’d pass along the recipes I made this morning. I figure, this way, if you have these easy recipes, you too, might invite some neighbors over for coffee (and goodies).

It makes the world a better place…or at least your neighborhood a better place, no?

This first recipe is not really a recipe. It’s just cooking an already prepared item in a new way. (This is why I still have icing under my fingernails.)


Cinnamon Roll Waffles!

Just place one or two cinnamon rolls (store bought pop-open-the-can cinnamon rolls–you know, like Pillsbury) into a greased waffle iron, close the lid, and press down. Once they’ve reached the crispy edged done-ness you desire, place them on a plate and squeeze on the icing!

(If you don’t have enough icing from the can, just stir together about 1/2 C. powdered sugar and 1-2 T. milk–or heavy cream–and a pinch of salt. You want the icing to be thick.)

By the way, your kids will love this new presentation of a cinnamon roll!

I also whipped up a batch of Orange Juliusessssss. (How do you pluralize Orange Julius…esesesessss??)

(Can you tell I snapped all these pictures with my phone-camera? blech!)



Add 1 Can frozen OJ (12 oz.) to a blender, along with 1 OJ can of milk, 1 T. sugar and 1 T. vanilla. Blend away! (Add ice cubes, if desired.)

It’s good for what ails the soul.

Or for a nasty cold.

Or for neighbor friends.

Or just because.

Lastly, I made Eggs Benedict Casserole.

So, creamy and delicious. It’s one of those make-the-night-before-breakfast-casseroles that definitely fits the bill.

It had me at hello.

It hits the spot.

It scratches that itch.

It completes me.

Enough already!

The hardest (not really hard, but step-intensive??, if that) part was making the hollandaise sauce. Not a big deal, I promise. Just have your hand mixer near your microwave, so you can easily beat the sauce between heatings in the microwave.(The recipe I used calls for a hand mixer and the microwave. Most of the other recipes online have you whisk it over a simmering pan of water. I suggest you compare the recipes and decide which you think is easier for you and then go for it.)

I have all of these recipes on my Pinterest breakfast board. Check them out!

Now, make your grocery list and text or call a couple of neighbors, including one or two you don’t know well, and invite them over for coffee.

Don’t make a fuss. Just keep it real and casual.

Deepen those relationships!

Oh, and eat some good food!!



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