Fallen Firefighters & EMS of West, Texas Memorial


                                                                                                          (photo credit: www.businessinsider.com)


 There were moving speeches…


                                                                                                           (photo credit: seattlepi.com)

And loving tributes…


                                                                                             (photo credit: bigstory.ap.com)

But, my tears really started with each clang of that bell…


                                                                                              (photo credit to dfw.cbslocal.com)

But, then…those bagpipes.

Oh, those hauntingly beautiful bagpipes…


                                                                                                   (photo credit: PrayersforWest facebook page)

I wish, so much, I could have found a video of the bagpipers and drummers playing Amazing Grace at the memorial.

It literally took my breath away.

My heart is so very heavy for those mourning in West.

…for those healing

…for those searching

…for those hurting

…for those weeping

…for those unsteady

…for those broken.

My prayer for the precious people of West:

“Then the young women will dance for joy;
    the young and old men will join in.
I will turn their mourning into laughter
    and their sadness into joy;
        I will comfort them.” Jer. 31:13 CEB


                                                                                                                          (photo credit: myktem.com)



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