Last summer, my oldest punk discovered a small, but growing more and more popular wake-boarding park near where I grew up.

When you look around, you see water, ramps, wakeboards, and flipping, spraying, jumping wakeboarders.

What you don’t see is a boat.

If you’ve never seen a water park like this, it’s kind of odd, at first, but then you begin to realize the genius behind it.

IMG_0328 copy

BSR Cable Park is just outside of Waco, Texas. The wakeboard lake is actually the shape of a donut, with a cable system running around the perimeter of the lake.

When it’s your turn, from a standing position, you grab the cable handle and let it pull you out into the water.

And, off you go!

IMG_0481 JRampcopy

From there, you have the freedom to move around and try the various jumps and ramps scattered around the lake.

If you fall off or happen to let go of the handle, it just keeps going, and you?  Well, you have to get yourself to the shore and walk back around to the line to wait your turn.

IMG_0386 Jwlkgcopy

There’s a great sound system out there–and, at least on the day I was there–they were pumping out good classic rock…it felt like I was at a ski resort, only without the snow, cold and aching body parts. All that was missing, at the time, was the smell of hamburgers being seared on the grill.

As the day wore on, my son got a better feel for the cable system and was able to stay up for much longer periods of time.

He eventually started performing a few tricks on the ramps.

IMG_0414 JSpraycopy

Not only did my son improve, I also felt like my photography improved. It had been a couple months since I had gotten to photograph any kind of sporting event, so this was not only fun for me as a mom, but also as a photographer.

I love sports and action photography!

I also love my son.

Win/win for me.

IMG_0442 JJumpcopy

My son returned a couple of weekends ago, but I did not join him–it was still too cold! I still can’t believe he wanted to jump into that cold water, but I guess when you’re young and fit, and wearing a good wet suit, you can handle most anything.

I’m looking forward to more visits out to BSR Cable Park this Spring and Summer!

And, maybe next time, I’ll grab a burger.



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