My homemade Mother’s Day card from my youngest.

First, I’m impressed with his drawing skillz.

Second, I absolutely love the quote he added:

“I say there is nothing greater than the mother of men.” –Walt Whitman (1855)

Finally, in his goofy, lovable way, he writes, “And you are a hardcore Mama! Happy Mother’s day and all that junk.”

It’s perfect.



So, after 20-plus years, my two Baylor roommates and I actually met for lunch and caught up. It was such a lovely and laughter-filled few hours. Marcy and I have gotten to see one another, occasionally, over the years, and Sally and I lived near one another about 15 years ago, so needless to say, it was much needed.

We’ve all changed a bit, which is okay.

While I long for my girlish figure of 20 years ago, I wouldn’t trade the years of good food, childbearing, and lack of exercise for anything. (Although, now, I’m paying for the good food and lack of exercise and having to strictly limit my food intake and move my body more….)

It’s all good.

And, boy was it good to see these great girls, again!!

(Maybe I can convince them to bring their families to a Baylor football game this Fall! Wouldn’t that be fun?!)


Here’s my latest project!

I’m really excited about how these turned out!


I wanted to practice a new lighting technique AND I knew I wanted to create large photobooth-like portraits for the wall along the stairs.

I also knew I wanted them to be sort of on the goofy side, because that can describe our family, often.

I think I accomplished all of the above!


I had to re-design and re-order my youngest’s set. (His is to the far right, on the floor–my husband and I didn’t really like the middle picture I chose originally.)  The replacement is finally hanging up, but I have yet to take another picture of the wall, now that his is up.

I’ll try to remember to do so soon.

I’m going to offer this idea for families and high school Seniors in my photography business!! I can’t wait!!


Central Texas has gotten a decent amount of rain over the last week or so.

This area has benefitted from the awful storm systems that ripped through Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas, as of late.

The day after Moore was hit, my area was under a tornado watch all day; that same system was creating unstable weather all the way down into Texas.

I’m already kind of antsy when tornado is mentioned, but my senses were heightened due to the devastation in Moore. Thankfully, we got nothing more than a good downpour.

Of course, I am thankful for the rain, because the tanks and rivers really needed the water, but, boy, if I could turn back time, I would….

Please join me in continuing to pray for Oklahoma, Grandbury, and of course, West. All of the folks effected by the weather and the explosion will be coping for months to come.


Because of the good rainfall, the grass has grown a ton in a week!

Hence, everyone was out manicuring their lawns and pastures.

Our neighbor was out:


ThrillCam was out.


I even hopped on the riding lawnmower to help out.

Here was my partner, while I mowed the yard:


He follows me–no, actually, he leads the way–always.

Or, at least, he tries to lead.

The dog tries, desperately, to predict where I will go next, and runs ahead, only to look back and see I’ve turned a corner or made a circle. So then he must adjust and run back, get ahead, and once again, predict my next move. This goes on for the entire hour or so I’m mowing (or walking, or driving down to the river, or going to the kitchen to get a glass of water, or, or, or….)

If it wears me out just watching him, it must be exhausting for him!

More on Bear in the next day or two.

(I’m telling you, my dog is certifiable.)

Oh, how I love my dog.

Happy Monday, all!



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