First “Harvest!”


Looky! Looky! Tomatoes!!!!

I’ve tried not to smother them with too much love–I’m afraid I’ll scare them away.

I, of course, have not breathed a word about the Topsy-Turvy. No siree.


My green bean plants look healthy and are growing fast!

Do my eyes deceive me, or does that not just scream baby green beans?!


Bell peppers are one of my husband’s favorite veggies.

I’m happy to report we have ONE!!


And, check out my corn, baby!


I’m hoping I planted enough corn, this year, to promote cross-pollinating. I was informed, after last summer’s dismal corn “crop” that three stalks was not enough to produce corn that actually looked and tasted like corn.

Live and learn, I say.

Live and learn.

Whirled Peas!


I only have two growing plants out of all the seeds I planted, so we’ll see how the pea situation turns out.

So, as I was taking pictures in my garden, I checked around the squash and zucchini plants, which have grown HUMONGOUS and have intertwined themselves.

(Experienced Gardeners: is it okay to plant squash and zucchini so close together? Will I eventually start seeing “squa-cchini?” I was also sort of worried about the watermelons and cantaloupes becoming one… Can I end up with Cantamelons, or Waterloupes?? What about Canta-cchinis? Can that type of cross-breeding happen in a garden?? I’ve always heard not to plant your sweet and hot peppers close, as they will all become hot. Can that happen with melons and/or squash??)

Anyway, while I was looking at the squash, I noticed I had two zucchini hidden deep under the plants.


Um, oops.

I’m thinking I let my zucchini go a little too long on the vine…


They are huge! Like the size of Robert Griffin III’s throwing arm huge!!

I plan to use them tonight at dinner. We’ll see if zucchini that big are worth eating.

I’ll let you know.

And, if they are good, I’ll need your address, so I’ll know where to send them. Looks like I’ll have a little zucchini to share this summer…

Happy Gardening!




  1. Lori Wiste

    YUM!!! Have you seen that recipe that’s been floating around for baked Zucchini? You cut it lengthwise and top with olive oil, basil, garlic, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, whatever other yummy goodness you desire and bake until tender. Like a healthy pizza!

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