We Have Babies!!


I’ve tried three mornings, in a row, to get pictures of our Purple Martins.

All three mornings, I have failed.

Well, not completely failed, but failed to get the shots I wanted.


You see, our Martins have had babies!! And, I have yet to get any pictures.

Bird photography is not as easy as you’d think.

Unless they’re Ostriches, they’re pretty small targets. And, fast. I’m thinking that’s another story for another post.

Anyway, ThrillCam took pity on this fool and graciously offered to take down the house so I could hopefully get a picture.


This is a big deal, because ThrillCam is quite protective of his little bird family.

He opened up the side where the Squatter Sparrows CONTINUE to invade and began cleaning it out, so our growing Martin family could spread out, if needed.


ThrillCam informed me the thicker straw is Martin nest material, whereas, the thin grasses are Sparrow nests. Turkeys.

Well, not turkeys, because turkeys do not squat in Purple Martin Houses. Sparrows are not a member of the turkey family. Turkeys are big. Sparrows are not. Turkeys taste good. Sparrows do not.

Just wanted to clarify.

I are smart.


In this little hole, there are, we think, three babies! I still was unable to get a picture of the babies. They stayed VERY still, not making a peep.

ThillCam did not want to disturb the babies by opening the side where they were nesting–he’s a good Purple Martin Daddy. Protective.

I wish you could have seen and heard the adult Martins while we snooped around their babies. Suddenly, there were 5 adults flying around us, chirping up a storm, obviously perturbed we were messing with their offspring. They are protective, too.

Finally, once we moved away, the mamas and daddy (daddies?) returned to check that all was okay on the home front.


Four of the five settled back onto the house.


Now, that they have established a family, hopefully, the Martins will return yearly.

It’s really been a fun experience to watch and be a part of, I must say.

Have a great day, y’all!


P.S. Scroll back up to the very top picture; I just noticed–I think there’s a baby sticking his head out of that bottom hole!


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