Strawberry Jam!

I made strawberry jam!

IMG_5163 copy

My internet friend, MizBooshay, recently posted pictures of her strawberry jam on Instagram.

I was smitten. I adored the little jars of red jelly, although I was very leery of the time and effort needed to tackle such a domesticated project.

I mean canning things communicates that you mean business.

Donna promised me it was easy-sneezy.

(I trust Donna. I read her blog daily, and I feel a connection…a friendship.)

(I don’t believe MizBooshay would ever lead me astray.)

So, I took the leap.


Once I washed all the mason jars, I was ready to go.


I cleaned and hulled my strawberries.

IMG_5186 copy

Then, I smashed the living daylights out of the sweet berries.

IMG_5187 copy

(Cooking is cruel, y’all.)

(And, I would know, because!  I’m canning after all…)

Next, I added some sugar to give the strawberries extra sweetness.

I also threw in a little lemon zest to give it, well, a little zestiness.

(I am fully aware zestiness is not a word. But, I stand by my made-up word, because we all know what it means, whether it’s real or not.  And, really, if we want to get picky, “Yay” is not a real word, either, but y’all don’t seem to mind using that word!)

(My English major mother, God rest her soul, would have had a conniption over that one. Yea is yea, not yay!)

IMG_5188 copy

After I added the sugar and zest, I had to boil water and the pectin for a bit.

Not much, just a bit…like one minute, I think.

After the minute, I poured the water/pectin mixture into the strawberry/sugar bowl and stirred until all the sugar was dissolved.

The final step was to fill my jars with the red, juicy sweetness…

I could not contain my excitement as I waited the 24 hours to see if my jam would actually set up.

IMG_5190 copy

Once the jam has set, you can store your jam in the freezer, so you’ll have some for later.

And, I am here to say, my boys LOVE this jam on biscuits in the morning!

IMG_5192 copy

So, MizBooshay did not lead me astray! It was as simple and as delicious as she promised!




One comment

  1. miz boo

    Yay! Is too a word. Cause I just said it. This was my reasoning when my father told me ‘gots’ was not a word.crazy!! “I gots to go potty!” See! A word.
    I am very happy your jelly set up! You are fabulous! It took me three tries 🙂

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