College Bound…Again.

IMG_6211 copy

Welp. Off he goes again.

This time, to move into an apartment, on campus, for his Sophomore year.

Unlike a lung that can regenerate after injury, my heart is, once again, damaged beyond repair–a tiny sliver is ripped away each time he leaves, and what is left is ragged and stringy. Unrepairable.

Don’t get me wrong.

I am so truly excited for him each time he leaves for a new experience; whether it was Kindergarden, summer camp, middle school, high school, summer baseball, and once again, college. It means he’s growing up and becoming the man God has designed him to be. He NEEDS to be away from me and his dad. It’s required.

Otherwise, he stalls out and remains dependent on us, not on the Lord. He doesn’t truly develop and grow, mature.

But, I must admit, each step my son takes toward a clean get-away, toward his complete independence, seems like miles to this mama.

And, I can’t seem to run fast enough to catch him.

I love you, J. Have a FANTASTIC year!! Come back to visit your old mama! 


P.S. I have a number of friends who have just moved their kids into their new dorm rooms for the first time. I saw this article on FB, today, and thought I’d pass it along. It speaks to all parents who are sending their babies off to college, or on to a new adventure. Read: Washington Post article.



  1. Sally Howard Beggs

    How can one be so excited and happy for a new chapter for one’s child while heartbroken? You said it soooo well, Elizabeth! Right there with ya!

    • Cindy Steiner Walker

      It is so incredibly difficult to let them go, but after watching Christa blossom and draw closer to God over the past year, I know she is in the center of God’s perfect will for her, and so I try my best to graciously accept that, even though I miss them deeply. I also have always tried to remind myself that my kids are not mine. They belong to God. He has merely lent them to Steve and I for a time…

  2. sheri

    Yep, When we moved Taylor into her dorm her first year I was really ok. I knew she would be coming home most weekends so I told myself she was really at camp. I knew she’d come home for the summer. When we moved her 3.5 hrs away and into her own home last year I knew she would not be returning to live with us again. That one hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t even make it to her front door before I lost it. I cried like a baby half of the trip home from Denton. Nothing Jim could say made me miss her less, took away the reality of the situation or calmed my fears. We had gone through so much with that particular baby that the idea of her being that far away and me having no ability to get to her in short order was like the weight of the world. I had to trust her and trust God. He knows she’s my 1st baby girl and HE knows what all she’s been through and how hard it was for me to let her go. In year 3, she’s doing great and so am I. I talked to her almost daily either on chat, texts, phone or facetime. AND…it’s not always me calling her. She calls me too. It means as much to her to stay connected as it does me. She knows it’s hard on me and calls just to say hi. Even if it’s just for 30 seconds. I’m viewing Brooke’s adventure the same way. This time with a bit more experience under my belt. A bit more understanding of how this works and a bit more faith that she will be ok. I’m going to miss her terribly. I don’t feel I got the same amount of time with her. But, she’s ready and she knows where her safe port will always be. I’m just a phone call away. It will be ok Lizard. He is doing exactly what you raised him to do. Your job is mostly over. Now you get to see him go do his!!! Love you my dear friend!!!!!!

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