Soccer. Or, really, shouldn’t it be Football?

Why is our American football game called football, when we (I use the term “we” quite loosely, beings as I personally do not play football) use our HANDS and feet?

Why do we call soccer, soccer? (What, exactly, does the word soccer even mean??)

I tend to agree with our friends across the pond, that it IS football.

(Or is it fotbol?)

Either way, it is played, solely, with the feet. No hands.

Therefore, football.

(Okay, okay…for the smartypants…the goalie can handle the soccer ball with his hands. AND…if the ball must be thrown in, the hands are used. But, those are the only exceptions.)

Why, pray tell, am I even bothering with this subject?

Well, our youngest punk decided, just this past Fall, to try out for the soccer team.


He has never, ever played soccer before.


He actually made the team!


He actually knows what he is doing!


Oh, good grief, look, here’s proof:


As most of you know, if you’ve read this blog or are friends with me on Facebook, I LOVE ME SOME FOOTBALL.

American football.

American COLLEGE football, to be exact.

American BAYLOR college football, to be even more exact.

I’m the teeniest, tiniest, wee-little-bit, obsessed.

So, I get football. For the most part, I understand all the rules and strategies of football.

Starting this January, though, I had to learn a new kind of football.


(Which, as I’ve already alluded to, should actually be called FOOTball.)

(Although, I am trying to come up with a new name for American football, that would sound good. So far nothing comes to mind.)

Anyway, I am learning about this new-to-me game and am loving it! I can see why the rest of the entire world likes the game!

If you know anything about soccer, you know there are quite a few differences between soccer and football.

Here are some things I’ve just recently learned:

  • The clock runs UP to 90 minutes, not down. (This is Premier League soccer–Professional, not high school.)
  • The clock never stops. (This is mostly true in high school play, as well.)
  • The umpire (or are they referees? I need to find out.) carries yellow and red cards–not flags–to signify a penalty.
    • I was at one of my very first games when I saw, what I thought was a penalty, and immediately stood up, threw my arms up in the air and yelled–quite LOUDLY, I must add—-“WHERE’S THE FLAG, REF?!! WHERE.IS.THE.FLAG?!”
    • (Remember, refs don’t have flags to throw in soccer. My bad.)
    • Yellow cards are warnings. “You better watch out, player! Don’t do that again!” Or, “You need to cool it…go sit the bench for a play or two and calm down.” (Or, something along those lines.)
    • Red cards are UH-OH; YOU MESSED UP, DUDE. “Go sit on the bench, buddy. You’re out of the game.”
  • Soccer is full of actors. There are some flopping performances (falling down, rolling around on the ground, holding your shin, pretending to be hurt) that should, honestly, be given awards. It can be quite moving.
  • (remember, I’m new to this, so I may not be technically accurate on some of these points) At the end of a high school game, if the score is tied, each team gets 10 more minutes of play time to try to score. If they are still tied at the end of the two 10 minute intervals, you have penalty kicks. THIS is a VERY exciting part of the game! Each team gets 5 players who each take alternating turns at a chance to kick a goal. The crowd is to remain quiet while the players each have their turn at out-smarting the goalie. Very exciting, y’all!
  • You are not required to carry a vuvuzela (Google it.). (Darn it. I would go crazy with it, if I had one!!)
  • High school soccer is played–at least in Texas–during the WORST season of the year. It is usually BITTERLY cold! (I know, I know, if I lived in Wisconsin or Montana, I would actually know what bitterly cold means, but to this born and raised Texas girl, 19 degrees with sleet and wind is TEETH-CHATTERING-INHUMANLY-UNREASONABLY-STUPID-COLD!!
  • so there.


One last parting video my son recently showed me I think you’ll like:



OH! And, guess what?!

We are play-offs bound!!





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