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A few months ago… (Part Uno)

I didn’t blog much last Summer and into Fall of 2012.  There was a lot going on.

For one thing, I was too busy packing, moving, and unpacking.

To be honest, though, the packing didn’t start until later in the summer, so, I really have no excuse.

I just didn’t spend much time in front of my computer.

Nor did I use my DSLR much.

I tended to rely on my phone to capture moments.

Instagram became my new vice. Or helpmate. Whichever.

The following is brief and choppy view of the end of 2012. (Sorry, in advance, for the horrible grammar tense changes, etc.)

Here we go!

So, in June, my oldest punk graduated from high school!!

(Neither one of us would claim this as our favorite picture of the two of us…)

It was a thrilling moment for us when our son decided to become a Crusader! (More on that, later.)


But, before he started college, we followed him around all summer, watching him do what he loves best…


By mid-summer, I was packing my son’s stuff for college and our stuff for a move away from the Houston area to Central Texas.

I believe there are documented studies that show the psychotic breakdown that happens to a human mother when she has to both pack up her own belongings, as well as her son’s.  It’s hard enough to have a child move away. It’s a whole other thing for the entire family to move AT THE SAME TIME!!

No bueno.


In the meantime, we made our yearly July trek to the Branson, MO area to retrieve our youngest son from summer camp.

Every single year, we MUST stop in Conway, Arkansas at the Market Place Grill.

The Chocolate Mess.

It calls to me annually.

(These phone pictures do no justice to the decedent, fudge-y, peanut buttery, vanilla ice creamy-ness that it is…)


Upon returning from summer camp, I had to say goodbye to some of my dearest friends.  (Shannon will probably kill me for posting this picture, but this was the last time I laid eyes on them. It was late at night, right after we cleaned and loaded up their belongings for their move to Alabama. No one dresses pretty for moving day. No one. So, they are excused.)

(I’m pretty safe in saying, not a single one of the four of us smelled any better than we looked.)


A few weeks before our oldest was to take off for college, we decided to take him and his brother to New York City.

And, since our teen-aged sons were on the trip, we HAD to visit the Nike flagship store.

I believe my sons would call this place, “mecca.”


While walking around Times Square we saw The Naked Cowboy.

Only this guy was an impostor.

He was too short.

Among other things.


While visiting the M&Ms store, in Times Square, my youngest purchased a pound or two of mixed M&Ms. I think that bag lasted a whole 2 days…


We took the boys to Ground Zero.


And, there was no way they were going to miss this place…


Finally, back at home, we continued the process of packing and moving.

One of the many steps to our somewhat complicated move, was to store most of our belongings in PODS. Someone smart thought of this idea. We’ve used them in the past, on another move. Genius.

(We had to store our things for 6 weeks, and PODS was a great solution.)


Packing and moving is no fun…for many, many reasons. One, it makes me tired and grumpy.

Two, I don’t like leaving people I’ve grown to love and depend upon.

Three, it makes me very aware of all the junk I’ve moved 30 million other times and never threw away.

Four, it’s no fun.


This was the view of our OTHER storage solution. UHAUL has its own version of PODS.  Smaller version.

Don’t ask me to explain the convoluted a crazy process we devised to move ourselves….


So, there you have it. That brings you to August 2012.

Stay tuned for September through December!



Lost is found


When my mother turned 60, she and Daddy took my sister, my uncle, ThrillCam and me to Italy. It was the trip of a lifetime. Fabulous scenery, history, and, of course, food.

Oh, the food.

But, that’s another post.

One of my most treasured memories of that trip was the day we got “lost” in Venice. My mother, sister and husband went with me to find a little Venetian shop that made masks. I was on a mission. I wanted an authentic, handmade Venetian mask.

Long before we had smart phones with GPS, we searched for the shop using a poorly printed map of Venice.

We walked down long, skinny alleys, over small bridges, and through school yards, all while laughing and snapping pictures of quaint doors and windows…and lots of laundry-on-the-line shots. It was fun being lost in Venice. And, oh, so memorable.

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Anyone there?


Tap, tap, tap

Are you there?


Oh my goodness, gracious. I am so sorry!! I have been absent for almost two whole weeks, busy editing my last few high school Seniors and traveling out of town for some learnin’!

I can’t wait to catch you up on some of it… Some of it you couldn’t care less about, but some you might find mildly entertaining.

Either way, I promise I’ll be back!

I’ve missed you.



More Ollo Clip

The Ollo Clip is the little iphone lens adapter that I purchased about a week ago. I’ve finally had a few moments to play with it more (and to read the directions).

Okay, so here’s my lantana (again) taken with my normal, unadorned, iphone camera.

Nothing to write home about.

But, check this out!



Macro crazy!!

You know that can’t be all there is! Keep reading!