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50 Pancakes and Wild Cherry

ThrillCam left Monday afternoon with a twin bed tied down in the back of his truck, headed to Houston to see our oldest son play baseball and give him a bed for his summertime apartment. It was a very quick trip, but required ThrillCam to spend the night.

Of course, with ThrillCam away for the night, it meant our youngest punk and I were given the opportunity to have a date night and share one of our most favorite foods: sushi!!


ThrillCam will go with me to eat sushi, but it’s not his favorite. My youngest son and I love the little raw fish wrapped in yummy sticky rice and dipped in soy sauce… So tasty…

(My oldest son and I share an intense love for boiled crawfish–also not a favorite of ThrillCam, nor my youngest. Do you have a special food you share with only one of your children or with a sibling/parent?)

Sushi, while yummy and often memorable, is not the point of this story.

As we were driving home, my son started playing Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual on his ipod!!

Check out those moves!!! (My parents both really liked Tom Jones, so it was a wonderful memory for me. Music can do that, you know?) (How many 14 year olds do you know who has Tom Jones in the music library?? My kid is a goofball, honestly.)

Again, though, Tom Jones is not the point of this story.

Well, actually, he sort of is, because his music was the start of an entirely unforgettable evening I had the privilege of sharing with my son.

You see, we had to get home to make 50 pancakes (and one GIGANTIC one)…


…for a school project due the next day.

Now, in order to keep this real, I must admit that sometimes in moments like this I am prone to feel a little resentful and grumpy.  (He texts me about this project on Monday at 1pm and it’s due on Tuesday; his partner is not coming over to help, so it falls solely on us to provide the pancakes; he has no idea what making 50 pancakes entails–“Does mom have milk and eggs and pancake mix? Does mom even have time to make 50 pancakes? Oh! You mean I’m supposed to help cook them? Should I provide syrup and butter? How am I going to keep 50 pancakes cold until class so I don’t poison all my classmates? How are we going to warm up 50 pancakes so my friends will actually want to eat them? Maybe mom can bring 50 pancakes plus one gigantic one to me on Tuesday right before my class at 11:28 a.m.? I like turtles.”)

Tom Jones changed my attitude. He put me in a good mood. My son didn’t even realize the impact the playing of a now-funny song would set the tone and mood for the evening.

Then, he played another 70’s groove.

Once we got in the house, still laughing about the songs we just jammed to, I turned up the stereo and blasted him with a whole playlist of 70’s R&B Funk while we made pancakes.

Benmakingpancakes-2 copy

(He was making a REALLY weird face, on purpose, for this picture…I didn’t think he wanted it plastered all over the interwebs, so I photoshopped it. All photos were taken with my iphone.)

We cooked and played songs like:

We danced.

We sang.

We flipped pancakes.

We boogied.

We mixed more pancake mix.

We Vine-d some of his dance moves. (Vine is a new social media app that uses video.)

We flipped more pancakes.

We danced more.

We laughed…a lot.

I know this sounds so weird, but I will live on this evening/memory for a very, very, very long time. My son really has no idea what the evening meant to me, even though I’ve hugged him and told him how much I enjoyed myself and his company.


My hips are sore, but my heart is full.